Question by  nate91 (13)

What are some drills you can do alone for soccer?

I want to be able to practice soccer by myslef.


Answer by  Captainrichspicedrum (49)

I have a perfect drill for you. use any kind of marker, rock, pot, cones. Setup two to resemble a goal, and two more to resemble an obstacle. Start with sprints and jogs then dribble the ball constantly through the obstacle cones and once done kick the ball through the goal cones. Increase speed gradually.


Answer by  DactyL (326)

You can improve your ball control by bouncing, or drop kicking the soccer ball extreemly hard on a solid object, swiftly controllying the ball down into a dribble. To practice passing accuracy, try to pass the ball into a trashcan or bucket that is laying on its side. Do this also while quickly on the move, in a dribble.


Answer by  paulp74115 (129)

If you are by yourself, you can practice passing and accepting passes by kicking the ball against a wall or a net that will return the ball to you. In addition, you can work on your conditioning at any time by jumping rope, doing sit-ups, running wind sprints or even lifting weights.


Answer by  jjj1426 (25)

Start in a push up position. When you give yourself the signal explode up and dribble a soccer ball twenty yards. After reaching your destination stop, get back in push up position, and go back. This will teach you to use explosive power while holding back enough to control the ball.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

You can get some cones from a sporting goods store and practice your dribbling in your backyard or in a park. You would set them up and you would kick around them. You can also get a small net and practice scoring into the small space which will help you to improve kicking into the bigger net past a goalie.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Dribble through pylons, kick the ball back and forth to yourself from a wall, take shots on net (try and get as close to the corners as you can), practice your throw ins.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

Get or make an agility ladder - preferably one at least 20 feet long - and do agility drills. There are lots of great websites with agility ladder drills.


Answer by  Bod (10)

I can practice free kicking. I can place a mark or sign on a wall and then i can take shoots at the wall.


Answer by  Anonymous

you could pass a ball against a wall each time switchingg feet to practice ball control on your weaker foot


Answer by  psufootball (72)

There are lots of things you can do by yourself. You can practice dribbling the ball as fast as you can, or if you have a goal you can try to make tricky shots that you may have to make in a game one day. Also, you can go on runs, long running and endurance are key in soccer.

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