Question by  Dunkin (39)

What are some questions to ask acting agents?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Ask the agent whom he represents, for how long and with what degree of success. Ask for references. Find out what kind of work most of his clients get and how often. Is he connected to video production, broadcasting, Hollywood? Remember that agents work for their clients, not the other way around.


Answer by  Che (425)

You should ask an acting agent how long they have been in the business, now many clients they have and what kind of actors they specialize in.


Answer by  Bee36 (230)

Before one starts working with an acting agent, he or she may want to find out who some of the agent's other clients are. This is important to confirm the agent's validity. In addition, if one is familiar with the work of the other clients, it may instill a sense of confidence in the individual that they will be successful.


Answer by  lovelizzy (170)

When consulting an acting agent, it's good to ask them about work that you are specifically interested in. For example ask about television if that is your interest.

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