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Question by  Bulbasor (14)

What are some known acting scams?

I think I have been involved in an acting scam.


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

There are numerous scams in circulation. Fake talent agents/managers lure prospective talent in by promising them a guaranteed career for a 'nominal' fee, thus, talent loses and agents gain.


Answer by  monica78md (44)

Model Management Inc is one they want upfront fees. Another is One Source Talent, they charge you to have a digital card on their website plus you must pay a monthly fee.


Answer by  Charles (15)

One of scam I recently experience is the google get rich scam. It has use google's name to attract people to order a $1. 95 google earn money package. Once you order it with your credit card, you will get people calling you nonstop and without permission charge on your credit card.

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