Question by  moder (37)

What are some questions about internet traceability?


Answer by  bonjovilover (185)

you can trace anyone on the internet by their IP address. The only way around this is to use a proxy server, which works by you sending the server the request for the page you want, and then the proxy server actually providing the data to you, as opposed to you getting it direct.


Answer by  leize (222)

Someone exerts influence solely via email/chat rooms. If individual concerned used free email accounts; as msn, hotmail or yahoo, and always accessed the net from different workstations, how far could forensic techniques lead investigators to the individual? How much information could be obtained about an individual with this modus operandi? My enquiry is solely about computer forensics techniques applied?


Answer by  aeturnus (474)

"Is there an Internet traceability system for televisions? " or "What does the business of farming have to do with internet traceability? " could be questions that easily define two examples catering to this relatively newfound notion of internet traceability. For an example of a third question: "When was the concept of internet traceability initially launched? "


Answer by  gwxe (25)

Some people can be asking himself if all the data that is downloading and sending to internet can be lead to some clue or way to find him even if theyvare only visiting a simple web page.

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