Question by  Josh31 (28)

Is it safe to chat with guys over the internet?

My parents object to me chatting with other guys over the internet, they say it is not safe.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Chatting with guys you know from school, etc is okay. If you don't know the guy you have to realize that he could be anybody and could be lying about his name, age, location. Even his picture could be a fake. There are sick people out there who will use your personal information against you. Be careful!


Answer by  Angie (27)

I think it can be safe as long as you keep personal information such as your phone number, email address, home address, etc to yourself and not give out anything they could use to find you. A lot of people are just online to talk to people but there are some crazies out there. Be safe!


Answer by  tgv2525 (21)

It can be safe if you know them like on facebook and your talking to your friends that are guys. but if you talking to strangers online that can be unsafe be careful what information you give out on the internet.


Answer by  santhoshcomputer (41)

Yes i accept that the chatting with guys may be frustrated us that why the parents insist to don't chat with them as well as they are not real.

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