Question by  suzie09 (42)

What are some pretty flowers for wedding bouquets?

I want a very beautiful bouquet.


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

There are many flowers to select from for a wedding depending on the time of year. Roses , calla lillies, hyacinth, lilacs , peonies and tulips are all wonderful choices. Colors and flower availability will all factor into your choice. You will want to consult a local florist for a full range of options.


Answer by  kdp722 (59)

Peonies, garden roses, orchids, and hydrangea are some of my favorites. They are in season in the spring and summer although roses can be had year-round, and if you're willing to pay more you can get any flower at any time of the year! Try using flowers that are all a variety of one shade for a really pretty look.


Answer by  MyTurkey (6)

Lilies are beautiful, fragrant, and come in an array of colors to suit the colors of your wedding. Roses are always a classic choice.


Answer by  heyheyhey (22)

The flowers you use will really probably depend on what time of year you get married and the colors of your wedding. Bright colors are always beautiful.


Answer by  jamilea (238)

White mums really make a wedding bouquet pop! Mix in some greens of your choice and some baby's breath and it will literally take your breath away. Throw in some daisies that match your other selection for wedding color. Or you can make it the color of your bride's maid's dresses. It will be a hit!

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