Question by  claudia07822002 (10)

How do I go about using calla lilies in wedding bouquets?

I love calla lilies.


Answer by  Workingperson (12)

Use 12 lilies in your bouquet. Using a wide, white ribbon, wrap it around the lilies and tie into a bow. Have the ends of the ribbon long so that it flows with your dress. Hold the stems in your right hand and cradle the bouquet in your left arm.


Answer by  joinme123 (40)

Using calla lilies in wedding bouquets is simple. Coordinating them in floral arrangements consisting of accent colors for the wedding theme can make this task much easier.


Answer by  nicholeB (28)

You can start with a few calla lilies as the main focal point in the bouquet. Then surround them with other flowers that are part of your color scheme.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Calla lillies are definetely very beautiful flowers and actually very popular when it comes to wedding and wedding bouquets. A bunch of these gorgeous flowers tied together would make a beautiful wedding bouquet. You can also add some greenery if you wish or another type or colored flower to enhance the bouquet.

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