Question by  stephanie63 (21)

What are some unusual ways I can decorate with flowers?

I'd like to do something more than put a large bouquet in a vase.


Answer by  DeborahSG (212)

I like to take long-stemmed flowers and spiral them around my bicycle handles. It makes a feminine appearance, and individualizes my bike. It doesn't last too long with fresh-cut flowers, but you can do the same thing with fake/silk flowers, and that will last a long time.


Answer by  learjetflyer (23)

You can make a floral pomander and set that on a vase. A simple floating bowl with some colored gems and a couple flowers floating in water is also nice.


Answer by  Janer (205)

You can take three flowers and cut them at three lengths (long medium short), then arrange them in a bud vase. This has significance in many cultures. Flowers arranged as a bower above a door or entrance can be attractive. You can make small bouquets and place them on your table at each place setting as well.

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