Question by  Mukkayee (15)

Can Gerber daisies be used in a wedding bouquet?

I want to use Gerber Daisies in my wedding bouquet.


Answer by  MAS (24)

Gerber daisies are elegant and romantic, and can be used in all aspect of the decor; including the grooms boutinere. These flowers are full of vibrant colors perfect for spring, summer, or autumn. If you were to use this flower as the focal point of the bouquet and include roses and calalilies, you will be viewed as the modern bride!


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Yes, Gerber Daisies make an excellent choice for wedding bouquets, with their vibrant colors and how well they hold up out of the water. You can not go wrong with the choice of gerber daisies in your wedding bouquet. You could try adding baby's breath or a simple mixture of roses and daisies.


Answer by  Dee78 (24)

Gerber daisies definitely can be used for a wedding bouquet. Because of their vibrant colors, the best time to use Gerber daisies would be in the summer. If you considering different season for your wedding, than I recommend to only use one color tone on your wedding bouquet. White Gerber daisies would go well on any season.


Answer by  AD58 (76)

Any type of flower can be used in a bouquet. Get someone like a florist to put your bouquet together for you. Just tell them what flowers you want and they should know how to do it.

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