Question by  gesiku (22)

How do you create a Calla Lily bouquet?

What other flowers should I use?


Answer by  Lynx (8)

Calla Lilies can be used without other flowers. Their elegance, and the abundance of different colors, make other flowers unnecessary. If you would like to make a multicolored bouquet, use white and colored Lilies. A simple glass vase will showcase the Lilies, without adding unnecessary complexity to a bouquet.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

i had these flower for my wedding and my bouquet was just calla lilyand wrap with the calla lily leaves,so i dont think you need any other flower with these they stand by them self, I think if you want something else put a couple branches of baby breath but i dont think you need them


Answer by  pintescuvsile (23)

Bouquet consists of 13 red roses, beautifully arranged to form a beautiful bouquet, suitable for special occasions. it is composed of the most beautiful roses, as the call used at weddings, baptisms and other ceremonial important.They smell great and are very beautiful. this bunch has to be arranged perfectly and be original..

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