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Question by  subburaaj (6)

What are some oyster dishes to serve at a party?

I am having a seafood themed dinner party.


Answer by  jangm96 (899)

Baked oysters: Shuck 24 oysters. Srcub the shells. Generously brush inside of shells with melted butter. Spread with a layer of fresh spinach that's been cooked and drained. Dip oysters into 6 tablespoons worcestershire sauce and place 2 on each shell. Sprinkle with butter and grated Gruyere cheese. Place on cookie sheet. Broil at 450-500 degrees till oyster edges curl.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Try doing an online search for them it will pull a ton of them and they will have pictures with them so if one looks like it will taste better than the other grab it.


Answer by  Ama (101)

Oyster stew with milk and potatoes is a good group dish. Grilled oysters on the shell is better suited for a "finger food."


Answer by  HTemoni (90)

Do a trio of platters consisting of ; 1.crumb and deep fried, 2.Natural with chopped onion & 3. remove from shell and coat in lemon kelp, pan fry.

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