Question by  worker7183 (30)

What are some open ended art activities?

I need some open ended art activities.


Answer by  Ponta (16)

Try making a 'buddy' using paper and brass fasteners. With separates sheets of paper, you can make all the body of joints of a person along with a torso, neck, and head. After cutting out the shapes, you use the brass fasteners to connect all the body parts.


Answer by  dudz (84)

open ended art activities includes designing your own lamp kit, making origami, mosaic, doll making, cup designing and drawing portraits.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

All art activities are open ended, because art is a process. For a painter, each painting is a learning experience for the next painting; same for all other disciplines. You could always go with the ever-changing monument, like Cadillac Ranch, where visitors with spray paint constantly alter the content of the piece.


Answer by  Anonymous

Open ended art projects use a variety of materials that are not meant to be a specific thing, but it has a menang to the artist who made it. It is the process of making the art thatn the product that counts.

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