Question by  John49 (16)

What are some good open-ended activities for children?


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

Some good open-ended activities include playing with blocks or playing with action figures or dolls. Children will often establish their own "closing" to such activities by setting up their own goals, such as completing the building of a block tower.


Answer by  GaBBy16 (38)

Anything with paint, play dough, and materials for writing and drawing. They don't have to have a goal for their creation just an imagination.


Answer by  fiona (208)

Having a playground with different types of balls (basketball, soccer, baseball, kickball) so they can start their own pickup games, have an art station with paints, paper, scissors and glue so they can create their own arts and crafts projects, have a reading station where they can read to each other or pick books to read quietly on their own.

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