Question by  zanneypants (39)

What is a "Spike Lee Joint"?

Why does he refer to his movies as "joints"? Does it have to do with drugs?


Answer by  coffins (75)

A "Spike Lee Joint" is how Spike Lee refers to his own films in the credits, except for his film "When The Levees Broke". It is a stylistic choice to represent Spike Lee's own upbringing and the power of language, which is often considered in his films. It's connection to drugs may be a likely coincidence.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

All Spike Lee movies are referred to as his "joints" but it has nothing to do with drugs, but rather, that is how he refers to his movies he has made. Some excellent Spike Lee joints, are Do the Right Thing, Jungle Fever, Inside Man, Malcom X, Clockers and She's Gotta Have it.


Answer by  Niq (204)

Spike Lee refers to his movies as "joints" to set himself apart from other filmmakers. Why call it a Spike Lee "Film" when its way more interesting to call it a Spike Lee "Joint"? He is also a Brooklyn,NY native where it's common to call any one thing a "joint"


Answer by  Val228 (9)

It doesn't have to do with drugs. Spike Lee calls all his films Spike Lee joints because he feels that the word joint is a more colloquial word then film.

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