Question by  socalbomber (21)

What are some Italian customs and traditions regarding babies?


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Firstborn babies are usually named after grandparents. Next children are named after parents, relatives, saints or a deceased ancestor. Jealously admiring another family's new baby could bring the curse of the evil eye on the baby. If this happened prayers said by special women would take this away.


Answer by  DSCruse (7)

Italian babies celebrate two birthdays every year, their own as well as may 22 each year. the first male baby is named after his paternal grandfather and the second after his maternal grandfather. The first female is named after her paternal grandmother and the second after the maternal grandmother.


Answer by  fiona (208)

Do not set up the baby room or buy any baby items, it is bad luck. The first boy is also usually named after the paternal grandfather.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Traditionally, parents choose the name of their babies based on the name of their grand parents. They first choose from the father's side and then from the mother's side. The first male is named after the paternal grand father and the second after the maternal grandfather. this is order is followed when naming girls.

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