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Question by  jakeman0074 (79)

Can you help me put together a list of American customs and traditions?

I am trying to demonstrate that the U.S. really does have customs and traditions.


Answer by  Peregrina (28)

Americans have many traditions, many of which revolve around holidays. At Christmas, many people decorate a Christmas tree. At Easter, children receive baskets of treats and hunt colored eggs. Non-religious traditions include grilling out on July 4th, eating with family on Thanksgiving, and dressing up for Halloween.


Answer by  alz (2329)

A big one is that there are fireworks on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day. Thanksgiving is all about big dinners with family and eating turkey, as well as the Thanksgiving Parade and watching football.


Answer by  bumblebee (313)

Americans have some general customs such as flying a flag at half mast for a death, turkey for Thanksgiving and parades for Memorial Day to name a few.


Answer by  Anonymous

The family unit was so unified, unlike today. Families ate meals together, without exception, you were home for supper. Sunday was a family day when you visited family or entertained family. We attended church every Sunday as a family. Not being overly religious, it was still a family thing.


Answer by  Anonymous

New years everyone usually party, some go to church but at 12:00 nation wide we celebrate that we made it over to a new year! Very Exciting... many watch the ball drop in NewYork

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