Question by  Ezel (8)

What are some Italian Christmas traditions?

What is their origins?


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

The feast of the Seven Fishes is a popular Christmas Eve tradition in Southern Italy. It is a feast that consists of 7 different seafood dishes. It is a remembrance of the wait for the midnight birth of Jesus.


Answer by  AnnaWendt (140)

The feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve. Families prepare seven distinct fish dishes for dinner. Seven is important; it stands for the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church.


Answer by  Diwali (34)

Italians have atradition like thay make apyramid shaped wooden frame which will have sheleves which will have some fruits and candies also known as Ceppo. There kids will write letter to parents telling they love them and keep them under dinner plate and read after christma's eve dinner.


Answer by  mnielsen01 (360)

One tradition from Northern Italy is, the children write a letter to their parents. Instead of a list of toys in these letters, they write about they love their parents.

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