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Question by  worker92 (45)

What are some great softball try out drills?

I need softball try out drills.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Simply getting in the batting cage, fielding drills, base running drills, bunting and basic fundamentals of the game drill, etc.


Answer by  Hank (117)

Just keep it simple throwing, fielding, sprints, baserunning,and run some game situations. Of course with pitchers and cathers you will need to see what they can do at that positions


Answer by  alz (2329)

Stand in the batters box and fill out your team to take up all the positions. (If you have too many, have some line up as backups). Then, hit a ball, beforehand telling them a scenario (ie person on 2nd, no outs), so they practice what to do in each unique situation.


Answer by  ksleep (14)

I would try two drills. I'd hit ground balls to the infielders and fly balls to the outfields. It tests eyesight and fielding ability.

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