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Question by  hairfiend (34)

What are some good co-ed softball team names?

I am starting a co-ed softball team and need name ideas.


Answer by  baseballfan (64)

You can use anything depending upon how original you want it to be and depending upon how silly you want it to me. If it was a fun league I would call them the she males. Any animal name would work. The Bombers is typical as well


Answer by  Kat76 (475)

Pick something fun and funky, that both men and women will get a kick out of and be proud of, not embarrassed by. Try something funny like, the Pink Flamingoes, or The Border Patrol, the Killer Kittens, the Super Biatches, the Soft-Tees, The Lezbots, the Softshells, the Hot Peppers.


Answer by  Anonymous

My favorite is Id hit it , Leather&Lace , Swingers, The Slammers!!

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