Question by  saintsmaniac (10)

What are some great carnival themes for schools?

I am taking over the PTO and need some ideas for carnival themes.


Answer by  brendalea2121 (206)

There are tons of themes you could do depending on the age. You could do themes like an animal theme, a clown theme, any holiday theme, and a pajama theme. You could also do themes like a Rock 'n Roll theme, an 80's theme, Under the Sea theme,or a Theatrical them.


Answer by  Nicole15 (56)

I was always a fan of the Ho-Down theme. You can do all sorts of games and activites such as apple bobbing, square dancing and painting jack-o-lanterns.


Answer by  kitkat123 (177)

It depends on the age group, but you might try: mythical characters, country carnival, the circus, colors of the rainbow, outer space, Harry Potter (or some other popular children's book theme).

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