Question by  Samantha64 (120)

What are some great Christmas Sunday school crafts for children that are in first grade?

I need easy yet exciting crafts to do for my Sunday School class.


Answer by  vangie (118)

Popsicle sticks of various sizes and colors can be used to: create a Star of Bethlehem using paper star and glitter, recreate the entire manger scene by constructing a stable, crib and drawing faces on sticks to represent the many characters. Make paper prayer chain to decorate the tree.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Local craft stores have kits that are inexpensive and easy to do... such as foam cut outs to make Christmas trees with decorations, foam crosses to decorate, and most any shape you can think of. Another easy craft is a construction paper chain to decorate Christmas trees, made simply by gluing strips of paper together.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

Find the little plastic minature babys, have the children wrap baby jesus with little pieces of white fabric for a swattling blanket. Make little mangors with small baskets or paper baskets made from constuction paper. Another would be to have each child color a item or person for a paper nativity village. Then glue them on one large poster board.


Answer by  Jacqueen (5)

Some great Christmas Sunday school crafts for first grade children are as follows: 1. Christmas hangings for the tree using ping pong balls 2. Christmas socking using simple household materials such as felt, sponge, etc. 3. Christmas wreath using paper plate & decorating it with craft paper, glitter, tinsel 4. Table center piece with recyclable materials found in the house


Answer by  IzziCat (45)

Make angels out of toilet paper tubes and squares of toilet paper! Wrap the tubes in paper; tape it in the back. Draw a smiling face on one end, then secure two "wings" of paper to the back. Attach a pipe cleaner halo, and you're done! Instant, cute tree topper.

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