Question by  beckyk (34)

What are some good rules for teens in the house alone?

I am just now leaving teens alone in my house and want to establish some good rules.


Answer by  AnjoBanjo (271)

I would say you should start with no alcoholic beverages. Not to mention absolutely no drugs. You may also want to not let them have anyone of the opposite sex over while you are not home. It is good to give kids rules. When you give them rules or guidelines to stick to it makes them feel safe.


Answer by  IRSS (89)

There are so many rules, it depends on how old these kidds are and what they can and cannot do. The main rule would be no parties or groups of friends in, if they are not use to cooking then make sure to have microwaveable items in the house and no stove.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

First off, you might want to install a secret camera, because most teens are in the process of producing certain hormones and such.


Answer by  Sensitivesoul (27)

Some good rules for teens alone in the house are not to answer the door for anyone. Not to go outside and not to tell anyone that they are alone.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

I think it depends on how much you trust them, and what end of the teen-spectrum they fall on. You must consider that they will probably not follow any anyway...

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