Question by  Moose (10)

What is a good trumpet brand for a pre teen?

My preteen has become interested in playing the trumpet, while I would like to get him a good one I do not want to break the bank.


Answer by  NateW (24)

Any Yamaha can well accommodate any pre-teen getting at any music store. They have a wide veriety depending on how serious they seem to be about it. The YTR-2335 is a great starter that will be reliable and is well priced as far as trumpets go. I suggest leasing from a music store in case he quits


Answer by  MstrMusician (34)

Conn has a line of trumpets that are a great buy for the price. The Prelude, for example is a cheaper trumpet, yet is of reasonable price.

Reply by asoralvin (0):
Conn, now part of a near monopoly (Conn-Selmer)does not offer a reasonably priced student model under the Conn name. However, it is not difficult to find a very fine quality Conn Director student model (15b or 17b) for $50-$75 on eBAY in near perfect condition. Built better then too.  add a comment

Answer by  moggie (329)

As a band director I suggest to never get a First Act or horn from Costco, Walmart, or a pawn shop (they break). some good brands are Bundy, Conn, Selmer, and Bach. Go with a used horn from an individual who is selling one and ask him/her to play it if they can for you. Plan on about $75-150.

Reply by asoralvin (0):
Amen on avoiding the 'Department Store' models. They LOOK like decent trumpets but are made with inferior materials and to low tolerances/standards of build. They do actually BREAK in short order and most repair shops will either not work on, or guarantee their repairs of them.  add a comment

Answer by  mjray (61)

Wisemann and Yamaha both make good beginner trumpets that are not all that expensive. Bach and Getzen also make beginner trumpets in the $100 to $200 range.


Answer by  worker261297 (50)

Get a Yamaha. they are the best most trumpets are hard to play but the yamahas work great. They also sound the best. they sound like gold. The trumpet is a great instrument to play and alot of fun. Its a very easy intrument to play since there is only three notes.

Reply by asoralvin (0):
Yamaha horns are, as many products from Japan, consistent in quality. The best in any regard? Opinions vary widely. A safe choice as a used or rented trumpet providing that the valves are not the troublesome 'yam-alloys' that caused sticking problems in their era.  add a comment

Answer by  cadman (5)

The besson trumpet i rented in 2007 has worked out great for my son. it was a new instrument and i have han no issues with it.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

If you don't know one from another, the best thing is to rent one until he is good enough to choose for himself. Many teachers will rent out an instrument.


Answer by  kiradeleria (465)

I just recently purchased a Jupiter trumpet and that was the cheapest trumpet I could buy. It cost around 450.


Answer by  asoralvin (0)

Don't spend more than $50-$100. Get your preteen a like new trumpet recognized by many band directors as one of the top trumpets for students , the Holton T-602 or,T-602P(has first valve slide saddle). Once THE student rental horn, supply outstrips demand on eBay. Choose the nicest example available.

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