Question by  VivekKumar (29)

What are some good ideas for talking with a shy man?


Answer by  Roger44 (115)

Find out his interests, and then ask him an open-ended question about them (one that can't be answered with yes or no). To start with, you could ask about his favorite tie or a picture on his desk at work. From there, you should be able to figure out his interests, and go from there.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Try approaching him and introducing yourself. Then you can start by either sharing a few experiences that you had, or the safest way would be to start asking him some questions to help in getting him out of his shell.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Ask yourself, "What are the man's interests, relationships, and work?" and try to draw him out on something that interests you as well. Many shy people enjoy meeting in bookstores, and the books or magazines they choose become the topics of conversation at the store's cafe.


Answer by  pukalo (13)

I would suggest asking them about their day, if they did anything exciting and what kind of work they do. This will open them up to you.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Be patient. Speak softly, in a non-threatening manner. Ask a question that requires an answer, but don't be surprized by one or two word answers. Try again later.

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