Question by  Deanna (30)

What are some good ideas for getting a product into boutiques for sale?

I am not sure where to start with selling my creations.


Answer by  pyritejenny (347)

Just march boldly into the boutiques you admire, and show them your art. Or simply call them. Cities sometimes have co-ops where craftspeople share the sales jobs. If you would rather be crafting than selling though, you might look into online boutiques like etsy. You can also pay an agent to do your selling for you.


Answer by  Caroline (45)

Networking is almost always the way to go! Take along some of your creations and visit a few boutiques. Ask to speak to the owner. If they aren't interested in selling your line, ask if they know anyone who might be. And by all means, leave a business card!


Answer by  Marie (778)

To get your product into boutiques, it is best to first prepare a range of samples. Show them to stores in your area that sell similar or complimentary items.

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