Question by  sunshine (41)

What are some good ideas for charades?

I am having a party this weekend and we love to play charades.


Answer by  JenniferLW (81)

You could try having a holiday themed game. For example, you could play Christmas charades and act out things like Santa, Reindeer, presents, snowfall, or other seasonal things.


Answer by  JamesD (5)

If you like a challenge, I find acupuncture to be a difficult, but fun charade. It gets a little easier if you are able to use an assistant.


Answer by  RedShift (177)

Along with the obvious like movies and tv shows you could have fictional characters from classic literature or try your hand at historical events like pearl harbor or the crash of wall street.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

We always have famous persons cards and professions cards when play, as they are the most fun. If you are ready for some challenge you could try movie names.


Answer by  Anonymous

you could pretend to be constipated, poop, having a baby, and brushing your teeth.

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