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Question by  jojogeorge (53)

What are some good ideas for a sliding glass door covering?


Answer by  AloysiusP72 (96)

You can always use the curtains designed for sliding glass doors. These use a drawstring to pull the curtains to one side. You can also use sheers with a regular curtain rod. Another choice is the cut-to-fit window clings that look like stained glass.


Answer by  sharmila (83)

Sliding glass door covering is a good idea to show your decorating things ,picture frames,statues,crockeries,curtlery sets, showpieces etc. It can be build in drawing rooms,dinnig areas,kitchen, even in bedrooms. Sliding doors should be made of good things like clear glass,proper and beautiful borders ,comfortable knobs to open the doors. It gives the beutiful outside garden view also.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Vertical blinds are out. A light sheer curtain would be great. Also you can get a one way screen material that attaches to the window and you can see out but you can see in. I have this in the bathroom and love the privacy. It is costly but well worth it.


Answer by  YourMoneyAnswerGal (654)

If privacy is your main concern, heavier curtains that pull to one side work well. Lighter-weight curtains will keep the room from feeling oppressive. Sheers work well for diffusing light and still give some privacy. You could also apply a patterned window film directly to the glass. Vertical blinds are expensive and are noisy to operate but are an option.

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