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Question by  Karen57 (13)

What are some good haircuts for someone over 45 who wears glasses?

I need hair style ideas for someone who wears glasses.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

A great hair cut is one that frames your face. According to the shape of your face, a longer in the front bob. For longer hair, a layered full cut.


Answer by  catch2007 (212)

Alomost any hair style can be worn by someone with glasses. The key to a good hair cut is choosing one that works with your specific hair. Is your hair straight or curly? Fine or thick? Coarse? Ask your stylist what they think will work best.


Answer by  Scot (591)

Typically, someone who is over 45 should wear a shorter haircut (whether they wear glasses or not). Wear a short haircut that frames the face and complements the shape of the glasses.


Answer by  LaraTanciya (146)

Some of the good haircuts are ,slight u cut which will make hairs bulky, straight cut which will make hairs good looking, one layer cut which will make hair more pretty, I hope slight u cut will more suits for those who wears glass...

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