Question by  sampitamajumder (18)

What are some good egg experiments for kids to do for science?

I need to incorporate eggs into a science project for younger elementary students.


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

If you have access to a building two stories or larger have the kids make 'packaging' out of found materials so that the raw eggs may be dropped off the roof and survive the fall. Popcorn is a good item to have on hand for this. An adult should perform the actual drop and the kids stay on the ground.


Answer by  cubedbee (155)

Put an egg in a container of water and it will sink because it is more dense. Add enough salt, and the water becomes more dense, and the egg floats


Answer by  semir (19)

Well, kids always love to do an egg drop. It'd be fun to make them too and seeing whose stays in the air longest.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

A good experiment is to find a contraption that protects a hard boiled egg when dropped from a roof, but not a completely raw egg. Then boil eggs for varying amounts of time to see how long it takes before the egg does not break.

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