Question by  Kristin (37)

Is there a book that can give me some ideas for a fifth grade science experiment project?

It's not a Science Fair. My son has to do an experiment and a report. Help!


Answer by  mturk31459 (72)

Well, why not research it by looking at what kids do at science fairs? Either that, or quiz him. What's he wonder about? What mystifies him? What question would he like to try to answer?


Answer by  scienceguy (11)

You should try "200 Illustrated Science Experiments for Children." The pictures help my son quite a lot. It makes it easier for him to conduct the experiment.


Answer by  riyababu (9)

Science for the fifth grade with experiments by Percy Elliot Rowell. Publisher-The A-to-zed, 1913 Original from the University of California lenght 198 Pages Subject - science Deals with good experiments.


Answer by  alekhyadoodi (31)

welcome your son is in fifth grade,he will be smart and tender.for such kids i suggest a book by name "101 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS" . This book contains all types of science project works and experiments.Good luck.

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