Question by  mikejrham (18)

What are some fun Christmas games to play?

We are having a large family gathering.


Answer by  MathTeacher (299)

At family gatherings, it's fun to play family games that require teams or an audience-like atmosphere. In the game Outburst, a category is read aloud to teams of two and teammates shout out items that belong to that category. For instance, if the team leader says "Things found in a freezer", some answers could be "ice", "meat", or "dead body"


Answer by  simna (473)

Buy some Christmas gifts and hide it somewhere in your home.Give some clues regarding the place and allow them to collect the gifts.


Answer by  brokensound21 (30)

Secret Santa is always a fun game to play. You can make up any rules. Like whoever comes up with the oddest gift is the winner.


Answer by  Jme88 (117)

A couple of our favorites: Tree decorating contest-and always add in a couple of gifts to wrap and put under the tree. Judge best, quickest, best teamwork. Snowman relay: you can use toilet paper to cover someone and add scarves and hats to make human snowmen. So fun!


Answer by  CelebratesHolidays (31)

Separate the family into 12 groups and do a family rendition of the 12 days of Christmas. Have a white elephant presents game. Christmas jeopardy or trivia questions are fun.

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