Question by  mangosteen (272)

What are some fun games we can play at the park?

There will be about 10 or 15 of us, and we are looking to have some fun!


Answer by  udaipur (219)

You could try soccer with some cones set up for the goals. Playing volleyball on the grass is also a lot of fun, but you will need a net and something to mark the court with. If there are courts at the park, basketball is another great game for groups.

Reply by DulceDeLeche (219):
My favorite game to play at the park is softball... you need some equipment (softball gloves, bat(s), softball), but in the U. S. at least, most people have some of this stuff at home. If your park has a baseball diamond, it makes for a very fun afternoon!  add a comment
Reply by Dobrinj (21):
In my opinion, nothing beats soccer. The equipment needed is minimal, and everyone can play. The experienced players might not have as much fun as they would playing with similarly-experienced opponents, but in general, its fun for everyone.  add a comment

Answer by  toothpick (57)

If you want something unstructured, then frisbee or playing catch with a football can be fun... If you want something more structured, you might try a three-legged race or a water balloon toss game. Frisbee-golf is another great one, but you will need several frisbees for that.

Reply by Centrifugal (69):
The water balloon game is a great one. Someone just needs to bring some filled water balloons (because they arent easy to fill at the park). The participants pair off into teams. Players throw the waterballoon to their teammates at ever-increasing distances. The team who successfully throws farthest, wins.  add a comment

Answer by  danielle (83)

There are many games you can play with a large amount of people. Seperate yourselves evenly and you can play volleyball, basketball, wiffleball, kickball, baseball, frisbee golf, badminton, touch football, frisbee, croquet, bocce, blongo ball, red rover is also fun with a large group of people. Also, playing hide and seek around the park is always fun.


Answer by  skateycat (124)

A great game to play at the park would be a scavenger hunt. One person should make a list of those things you are looking for. Divide up into teams. Each team has a list and searches for the items. The first team to return with the items in a designated time frame wins.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

Divide park and people into two. Each team gets a flag and places it in a spot on there side of the park. The other team has to get it. When someone crosses over on your side to get flag, you can take them prisoner. Vice versa. If one of their teammates touch them without being tagged there free.


Answer by  Sara96 (20)

You can play any type of game from your childhood, frisbee, double dutch jump rope if you have girls who remember how to swing the ropes (will be fun to watch people get tangled! ), buy sidewalk chalk and make hopscotch on a sidewalk or have a drawing contest with it.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

hide n seek is always a fun game, yes even for grown ups! or maybe touch or flag football. Another game would be baseball, just split your group in half, choose two captains and have them pick theit teams. Depending on the ages or what your group likes to do, maybe someone could arrange a game of scavenger hunt?

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