Question by  ED70 (21)

What is significant about Belgian Malinois police dogs?

I'm interested in police dog breeds.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

They are a member of the shepard family of dogs; they are devoted, loyal and interested in being part of the family; they are high energy and require exercise regularly.


Answer by  Cab (22)

Belgian Malinois excel in search and rescue operations and as "detection" dogs. They have an extreme "prey" drive, and a keen nose. They are a smaller breed, athletic, and very intelligent. In recent years they've become very popular as police and military dogs.


Answer by  lilian (397)

Although popularly used in the police and military, it is a herding dog. They are very intelligent and protective. Socialization is a must. They weigh 55-65 lbs.


Answer by  vtlms02 (48)

Belgian Malinois are often chosen for police work because of their physical attributes, such as size, endurance and bite force. They are also bred ability to follow commands.


Answer by  Yaklord (34)

Belgian Malinois are a great breed in terms of raw obedience, loyalty, and eagerness to please. Like German Shepherds, they have a high energy level, and are quite intelligent.

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