Question by  Lemmy (97)

How many different AKC dog breeds are there?

How many breeds are there that the AKC doesn't recognize?


Answer by  indogitrust (97)

The AKC currently recognizes 161 breeds. There are numerous breeds awaiting their turn to be AKC recognized and remain in a class called 'Miscellaneous' in the meantime. There is the Foundation Stock Service class which is meant for the rare breeds needs not yet recognized by the AKC. There are many more breeds not recognized by the ACK than are.


Answer by  KLR (606)

To date, the AKS has recognized 167 dog breeds. The breeds are broken into groups including: Working Group (25 breeds), Hound Group (26 breeds), Sporting Group (28 breeds), Non-Sporting Group (18 breeds), Terrier Group (28 breeds), Toy Group (23 breeds), Herding Group (19 breeds).

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