Question by  quicklikeferret6 (19)

What are some examples of college application essays on animal dissection?

I need to write a college essay on animal dissection.


Answer by  MathGeek (30)

The best way to write such an essay is the formulate your own opinions on the value of animal dissection and then write your own essay that defends them.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

1. What animals can have body parts removed that regrow, such as the gecko or axolotl. 2. What animals have the closest biological comparison to humans, thus being the most valuable learning experience for human anatomy students. 3. What animals have the simplest anatomy to be studied, and why is it dissected.


Answer by  shannab (117)

I suggest you search for this topic and write about it the same way you would any other essay. or search for essays like this one.

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