Question by  Blacksheep44 (19)

What are some easy ten minute meals?

As a working mom I need some meals that I can fix really fast when I get home from work.


Answer by  jennmattem (46)

Put some pasta on to cook while you heat up a prepared/bottled sauce. Meanwhile stir-fry a few fresh vegetables and some left-over sliced meat. Place some pasta on each plate and top with the meat and veggies, and then your sauce. You can use any pasta, vegetables, meat or sauces you have on hand. Add a packaged salad and bread.


Answer by  poohwriter (110)

Sausage and sauerkraut in a crock pot. Baked spagetti with salad. Bagged salad with pan seared chicken on top. Chicken roll-ups


Answer by  al1328 (49)

If you have a crock pot, put chicken on before you go to work. Turn them into quesadillas when you get home. Pastas, french bread pizza also easy.


Answer by  csaw (100)

These are my kids favorites: Tacos - chicken or beef; meatballs in gravy over egg noodles (buy the frozen meatballs) you can even add some sour cream for a different flavor; pan fry breaded chicken cutlets - then cutlets are very fast; mummy dogs - hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls;


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Tuna salad and hot tomato soup is good. Grilled or boiled hot dogs and pork and beans is an old stand-by. Canned ravioli or canned chili with a salad is an option. Pre-cooked hamburgers and chips and salad is another. Cook a whole batch of hamburger meat and use it for other days for sloppy joes, chili, or spaghetti.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Get yourself a Slow Cooker that you can leave on while your at work. Pot roast if the best and you can add, carrots, potatoes, onion, can of tomatoe sauce.


Answer by  westphall (79)

That is easy. The grocery stores are filled with tons of ten minute meals. You can make things such as macaroni and cheese. Kids love cheesey noodles. Spaghettios with hotdogs, grilled cheese and tomato soup. There are so many things you can make in ten minutes. Just be creative.

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