Question by  guest123 (23)

What are some disadvantages of internet?

I am writing a paper, and everyone always talk about how the world is growing with the help of the internet. Well, people overlook the fact that can also be a bad thing. People have become so dependent on it, they can't do things for themselves.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

One draw back to the internet is that people do not talk face to face anymore. Instead web cams have replaced good old fashioned gatherings of friends. Where it is true you can talk just as easily to people half way around the world, as the person next door, there is still something to be said for personal contact.


Answer by  jamaltrack (33)

There are many disadvantages to the internet, some more glaring then others. Anyone can upload anything they want to the internet making it difficult to decipher fact from fiction. Another strong disadvantage to the internet is that privacy has been lost. Once you place any personal details online then anyone can have access to them.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

A major disadvantage of internet usage is the way people socialize. Online social sites make things very impersonal, and it makes it easy to be meaner with people then you would be otherwise. Also, it has changed pornography from tasteful to incredibly absurd and capable of doing permanent damage.


Answer by  bassplayer (257)

The truth is that the internet has no set regulations or overseers. This allows any information to be put on and while most of it is credible it is hard to discern the credible from the fake. With so many people relying on the internet, it cause us to receive false information

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