Question by  nicole7257695 (15)

What are some different ways to resample photos?


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

The best way to resample photos is to resize them using rations. Divide the size in 1/2 and multiple the size by two.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

You can resample photos by changing them around. Take the print onto photoshop and experiment in several different ways. This will help you see what is good for sampling and what not.


Answer by  mooseman (34)

The best way to resample photos is to use an image editing program, like photoshop or photoimpact by ulead, thiers an optimizing button and the phot will be save to smaller file size, you select for web or photoprinting the appriorate size.


Answer by  LouB (294)

You can tweak a lot of the settings of a photo using basic computer software. By adjusting the pixels and document size, you can make subtle or extreme changes. Purchasing software that is specially designed for photos will allow you to make a lot more changes to your photo.


Answer by  mrsmyers (474)

It would all depend on what program you are using but resampling just basically means to change the number of pixels in a picture so pretty much adjust them.

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