Question by  Aprique (39)

What are some common illnesses of cockatiels?


Answer by  lwat80 (300)

The most common problems that occur in these birds deal with vitamin deficiencies. Make sure your bird is not on an all-seed diet. Respiratory problems are the second most common issue to arise. Other than those, these birds are relatively healthy. If you notice your bird acting different, take him to an avian vet.


Answer by  will79 (98)

Papilloma:Caused by a virus grows large enough to block vent. can be removed by surgery Polyomavirus:Virus is present in air difficult to control common symtopms include loss weight,anorexia E-coli:Less dangerous than others,symptoms include diarrhea giving strong odor Nasal Discharge:Caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A. Can be cured by giving vitamin rich food.


Answer by  answergirl93 (66)

Cockatiels are especially vulnerable to reproductive problems (such as egg binding or excessive egg-laying), wing tumors, lead poisoning, malnutrition, depression, and respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of small seeds, particularly millet.


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

Cockatiels can suffer from a number of problems including; Wasting Disease, Polyomavirus, E-coli, Gout, Beak and Feather Syndrome, Pacheco's Virus,and Papilloma to name a few. These are all easily identifiable diseases, and not a problem for a vet to treat if caught in the early stages. There is also plenty of information online including the symptoms of each.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Vitamin defiencies are the most common problem, followed by respirtory issues. There is also a problem with beak and feather disease. They are also bothered by the papilloma virus. Any or all of these problem can effect your pet.


Answer by  Smileygirl (6)

Some of the illensses that cockatiels are plagued by is polyoma, candida/candidasis, chrinic egg laying and egg binding, beak and feather disease should all be watched for.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The most common problem with cockatiels is respiratory infections. Cockatiels are prone to these because they are a tropical animal and most human dwellings are not warm enough for them.


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Pacheco's virus, Polyomavirus (many symptoms, mostly affects young birds), Beak and Feather Syndrome (abnormal growth of them), Wasting Disease (causes seizures), Papilloma (warts near vent), Psittacosis (parrot disease), E-coli (first manifests as diarrhea), Gout (kidney disease), Runny Nose (lack of vitamin A).


Answer by  Lindy14 (104)

There are MANY illnesses - parrot fever, aspergillosis, Vitamin A and D deficiencies just to name a few. They are prone to respiratory problems and Lutino Cockatiel Syndrome. Bad diets can cause fatty liver disease, fatty tumors and arthritis. Inhaled seeds and husks can cause breathing problems too. Be aware, birds will try and hide their symptoms.

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