Question by  Smooti08 (23)

What are some causes of stomach cramping?


Answer by  HippieAshley (58)

Not eating enough, or eating at all, exercising muscles in your stomach, eating foods that cause gas and heartburn and cause you to have stomach cramps. If you already suffer irritable bowel syndrome it can cause you to have stomach cramps. If symptoms last more then 2 weeks, then you should go see a doctor.


Answer by  Alli (71)

Certain foods have a history of cramping stomachs. These foods might include spicy foods like tacos or nachos or rich desserts such as cheesecake and chocolate cake. In more extreme cases of stomach cramping caused by food, a more serious problem such as food poisoning may be the cause.


Answer by  lance (26)

Some of the causes of stomach cramping can be from not eating well, or if you are a female this will start to happen at the begining of menstruation period.

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