Question by  alexjoseph (12)

What are some Caribbean-style food?


Answer by  AdrianM (46)

Jerk chicken, salted cod fritters, fried plantain with rice. Beans with rice. Conkee is a delicious desert that resembles mexican tamales. Caribbean food uses a lot of coconut, plantain, chickpeas and habanero peppers. Depending on the island, food can be spicier (Jamaica) or milder (Aruba). Green vegetables are often overcooked, and there is an emphasis on starches.


Answer by  kk43 (150)

Caribbean food contains a lot of rice and beans, which are usually black beans or pinto beans. Caribbeans also eat a lot of bananas and plantains. A good way to cook plantains is to fry them. They become sweeter this way, but usually they are used with the main course and not with dessert.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

Rice and red beans is a classic Caribbean style dish, and easily made in a pot, rice cooker, or rice cooker. Fish and goat are popular proteins. Dress up fish or goat with a nice, thick curry sauce or with a jerk spice rub made with Caribbean spices like nutmeg, allspice, and hot peppers.

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