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Question by  Kitty (22)

What are some bee repellents that I can use in my yard?


Answer by  DaffodilPetals (105)

a mixture of peppermint oil, citronella, and lemongrass sprayed on your yard is a safe, natural bee repellent that will only repel the bees, and not damage your grass or flowering plants. You can also buy Burt's Bees bee repellent, Bee-Tour, Bee Ready Safety Spray, Skedaddle, or Eco-Blends Buzz Off.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

Dragnet, Surrender, and Cynoff are three good insecticides you can use. During the night you can put some of the insecticide at the entrance to the nest but don't shine a light on the nest the bees may attack you.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

If you want a store bought repellent, try 'Raid' outdoor spray. They will kill bees on contact. If you want to repel them naturally try placing cups of beer in hidden spaces. The bees will be attracted and will drown themselves in the cups.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

First of all, eliminating junk, wood piles, or anything they can make homes in is recommended. Boil orange peelings in water and use as a spray anywhere. They abhor citronella, cinnamon, and orange oils, and placing a few drops here and there will help keep them away. Keep lawn cut.


Answer by  cheldi (95)

Put a sugar trap at the far edge of your yard. You can buy one (they look like plastic bee hives usually) or make one with a soda bottle.


Answer by  ktow70 (305)

there really are no bee repelants get rid of nectar plants which most people buy to attract birds and butterflies but the neglect to tell you the main thing your attracting is bees. pollen bees are usually to busy to worry about you so keep your cool and they will not sting

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