Question by  lori25 (33)

What are pizzelle?

How do you make them?


Answer by  Missalissa (75)

Pizzelle are thin, decorative, wafer-like cookies baked in a press. These cookies are often flavored with almond, anise, or vanilla. Pizzelle is the Italian version of the cookie,but similar cookies are found in Chinese and Belgian households. They are baked in a pizzelle press, either over heat or electric.


Answer by  sandykin (39)

Pizzelle are traditional Italian cookies made in a press similar to a waffle iron. The batter consists of eggs, flour, and sugar, and are dusted with confectioners sugar before serving.


Answer by  yf (6)

Pizzelles are a type of cookie made with a special waffle iron. This special treat from southern are often flavored with lemon, anise or almond.

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