Question by  kmac (235)

Are Pizzelle irons hard to use?


Answer by  Sarbear (17)

Pizzelle irons are fairly easy to use. Some designs that they have make baking items such as cookies look fantastic. It cooks really well and is similar to a griddle or panini maker. All you have to do is plug it in and pour the batter and press it down.


Answer by  Aizentech (14)

No the Pizzelle irons are pretty easy to use with help of them we can bake easily and hence people call it simple to use.All of the Pizzelle products are easy to use.I would say that they are the best assembled products i have ever used.Moreover it has a dual indicator which makes it more easy to use.


Answer by  kriggs1976 (58)

These presses or irons as so many call them are so simple to use. With the dual indicator light takes all the guesswork out of whether your food is done or not. I would venture to say it is easy enough for a child to use, with adult supervision of course.


Answer by  Blondie18 (179)

All of the Pizzelle products are very easy to use. They are very user friendly and a breeze to clean. I would say they are some of the best assembled products I have used as well. I would for sure recommend the Pizzelle irons to a friend.

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