Question by  iamanartfuldodger (19)

What are normal prices for a nose piercing?


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

It could be cheap or really expensive depending on the place you go. Some places do not require you to buy a piece of jewelry and they will provide a basic one with the piercing. This could potentially increase the price but save you money for what you would spend on the jewelry. I would say between $25 and $80.


Answer by  TheKoopaBros (79)

From what I've found the prices range from $20-60 with the majority of them in the $30-50 range. This includes jewellery which is why it is a bit more expensive.


Answer by  rattfan80 (106)

These prices fluctuate with location,the place where you go to have the procedure done,and whether or not they are charging you for the nose ring/stud and the aftercare solution. The prices that I have personally found range anywhere between twenty five to sixty five dollars.Beach resort areas and big cities have higher prices.


Answer by  AR (53)

Prices tend to vary from state to state, but be prepared to pay anywhere from twenty-five to as much as sixty dollars at a reputable shop.


Answer by  LadyBug4 (168)

Normal pricing at tattoo shops run about $50.00 with a starter piece of jewelry. Of course, prices will range depending on the area you are in!


Answer by  Anonymous

I paid Rs 210 to get my nose pierced! In India, it costs a lot less. The piercing was done by hand (not gunshot) and a length of gold wire was used. Prices range from 50-750 INR, including the nosering/gold wire loop


Answer by  BreeKL (138)

Though the prices may vary depending on the store and the person doing the piercing, the nose piercing of a nose should run around 20 to 30 dollars. This usually includes the price of the ring being pierced with.


Answer by  meldodd (2)

Dunno. . . Iv done all of ma nose piercing maself. . . . :L Lmao But normally 25 -30 wid a needle Orr wid a Piericing gunn ( which i wuld not encourage) 15 quide :P Depending where you go realli. . . .

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