Question by  Angel24 (30)

What are ieee naming standards?


Answer by  AnnaS (123)

Wow Whee. You asked a tough question that I won't even attempt to answer because I am immediately lost since I went to school prior to the technology era. I can give advice though. If you are in school consult a professor or teacher to get your answers.

Reply by ParisianParlay (30):
lolol I agree with ya completely. I'm clueless and not even a blonde, dyed or natural *grin*  add a comment

Answer by  SouthernBelle (66)

Logic designers needed a set of standard function naming conventions which were descriptive for inputs and outputs. There are different IEEE naming standard symbols. IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. They are very prestigious world-wide.


Answer by  GrandmereC (145)

They are used to provide a common set of terminology for networking industries to use when the are communicating with each other. There is not enough room here to get into detail but you can research in more detail with a good, detailed computer networking book at the library.

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