Question by  silenceinspace (21)

What is the standard door height in the United States?

I am in the process of adding rooms to my basement and need to know the standard height of doors.


Answer by  johnchapin (52)

The standard door height in the United States is 80 inches. Not all doors conform to the current standard, and can vary from 48" to over 96 inches. The real problem is width of the door, which can vary from 24 inches to a standard max of 48 inches wide.


Answer by  JBW (243)

The standard door height is 7 ft. Be sure door will be large enough to move furnishings in and out when completed.


Answer by  happytimes63 (865)

78 inches is the standard used in the old days. Today I dont know for sure if that still stands or not. If you are putting in basement doors and frames, that would normally be shorter anyway, and you need to measure how much room you have from floor to floor joist and allow for the frame to determine height.

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