Question by  josh34 (62)

What is the standard residential stair tread width?

I think my stairs are not standard.


Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

The building regulations in the UK state that the tred of the stairs must be at least 9 inches. But of course if you have an older house then the regulations will not have applied when the house was constructed. It may of course be the rise height also that is throwing you off.


Answer by  ual1205 (33)

Treads too wide or too narrow don't have the right "feel". Standard tread width is thought of as some riser dimension added to some tread dimension which equals17-1/2 inches.


Answer by  Senbagam (138)

The width depends upon the design. If it is of lesser width,then it will be nice looking. It's standard width is of about 10-15 cms. But we cannot say this is the correct width.

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i think you meant 10-15 inches?  add a comment
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