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Question by  LadyLawyer (325)

What are good vet questions for puppies?

I have 2 new puppies and I am taking them to the vet for the first time. I want to be able to ask the vet a lot of good questions.


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

My questions would be about the ideal diet for them and the frequency of feeding. I would also ask what food items to avoid and of course, how to toilet train them.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

The first visit to the vet is a big one, and your vet will have a lot of questions for you. You may want to talk about diet and behavior. Also bring up any concerns you have with development and ask about suggestions for obedience classes.


Answer by  jesshayl1 (79)

I would recommend asking the vet about how much to feed them, when and if to spay or neuter, when are their next shots due, and what are the best toys to supply them with. Be sure to ask about how to potty train them to go outside so they don't ruin your carpet. Good luck!


Answer by  kbo (401)

How often should my dog visit the vet? Does my dog need shots? How often? Does my pet need medication (ex: heartworm pills)? Can you recommend a feeding routine? How often should I exercise my dog? Should I have my puppy fixed? At what age? Do you have an emergency #?


Answer by  James20 (91)

When you take your two new puppies to the vet, ask him or her what kind of training do the two puppies need. Are they healthy? Do they need to get any shots?

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