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Question by  clambait112 (25)

What are good remedies for a dorsal angulation of a fractured wrist?

I have a dorsal angulation of a fractured wrist.


Answer by  pamnyogi (159)

I would first make sure my doctor gave me sufficient pain pills to combat pain and swelling and inflammation. You also need to use alternating ice and heat therapy. Use ice bag for up to 45 minutes,nothing for the same,then heat for 45 minutes. That should help.


Answer by  cc79 (17)

Go to an orthopedist and have it set in a cast. Sometimes, the doctor will hyper-extendi the distal fragment, and then translating it distally (while in the extended position) until it can be "hooked over" the proximal fragment, or put your fractured wrist back together via percutaneous pinning, which means pinning the bones back into place.


Answer by  sailorzeiler (29)

If the fracture is unstable, surgery may be necessary to stabilize and align the bones. The wrist would then be cast. A stable fracture would be cast.

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